Monday, May 28, 2012

10 Steps That Can Lead To Breakup - Part 1

Treating a woman as per her expectations is a “Myth”. No one knows what a woman wants. Within last few years, during my interactions with students, peers and colleagues (both males and females) I learned few pointers on the basis of which most of the guys were either dumped or slapped by their spouses. Following are the main outcomes of an exhilarating research! Enjoy and save yourself from committing them!
  1. There are times when a Woman does not want Equality!
There are times when a woman demands for equality in life but if you are on date with a woman, it is never a good idea to let her enjoy the right of equality, by letting her pay her bill or half of the bill. If you are planning to break the tradition be prepared for the back firing, it can be horrible.

  1. Never Drift your Mind When She Speaks
Pay attention to even the minute details of her “fluffy the kitten”, she can check your presence of mind by asking you questions regarding the color of Fluffy’s milk pot. Keep the track of the keywords.

  1. Do you really want to move in together?
Never confront the idea of moving in with here until you are completely ok with letting her know about your whereabouts, cleaning and tidying the kitchen and cooking dinner for her on week days and rest of the days taking her out on dinners.

  1. Never Trust on chat up lines
Never trust on the corny “Come-ons” blurted by women, they are either lies or rare. Never endanger your dignity.

  1. Do you wish to watch your favorite sports match?
If you want to invite her to watch sports match with her, beware, this can lead to something very dangerous. You may end up your match with her. Remember one thing, what you love, she doesn’t.

  1. Do you leave your toilet seat up?
It is definitely not a cliché, such acts of simplicity can drive women crazy. 

  1. Never Bombard her with messages
A woman always enjoys to be urged and wanted by her man, but if the same man crosses the limit (which is never described by her) she is ready to come up with a simple line i.e. “We need time”. This can be an outcome of multiple SMSes or FB messages. So let her enjoy her space.

  1. Pointing out Girls
Never share the details about your “Ex”, as it might fire up unwanted things in your relationship. Some secrets are worth not disclosing.

  1. Sharing Password? Really?
Never on earth reveal your password in front of her. The spying instincts are part and parcel of every woman – so let her say things like, you don’t trust her or other emotional lines. If it really itches you then create a new account and share the password of that.

  1. In case you love the physique of Deepika Padukone
Never ever share the secret thoughts that you have for Deepika or any other celebrity because the moment you will share, you might get to know the reality of your own personality and how you can never be compared with the ideal she had in her mind since adolescence.

These are the few points on the basis of which you can turn things down and can even stamp a breakup, so try to keep these in your mind before reacting in any of the mentioned situations.

Soon I will disclose more of the pointers to save you from getting dumped or slapped! Till then, play safe and keep your cool.