Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movie Review – Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3 (MIB3) is definitely amongst the most awaited movies of this year. Those who enjoyed MIB 1 and 2 have their hopes high for MIB 3. Agent J and Agent K gained overnight popularity and they provided best of entertainment to their viewers. By the way can anyone recall what were both agents doing almost 10 years ago in MIB 2? Apart from maintaining harmony on planet earth between Aliens and Humans. 
This time the movie rolls back from 1969, the time when astronauts were trying their luck to “moon walk”. On the contrary Agent K was imprisoned by an alien called “Boris the Animal”. After 4 decades Boris is focusing on killing agent K. On the contrary, the current chief Agent O, (played by Emma Thompson), orders agent J to visit back in to time and save agent K and return back without getting trapped in time. 

The plot is brilliant, undoubtedly and so is the execution. Those who can remember Star Trek IV can definitely rejoice the idea of getting acquainted with unusually fancy yet weird characters. Etna Cohen’s screenplay and Barry Sonnerfeld’s direction provide an extraordinary and captivating experience, highlighting the evocative hopefulness of that era.

As far as the performances are concerned, so fasten up your belts to get amazed by Josh Brolin who performs the character of young agent K. The remarkable actor grips the character with both his hands. The funnier side of the character will definitely bring smile to audiences’ lips. Will smith continues to inspire and astonish the viewers with his marvelous performance. He is charming, quick witted and perfectly lovable in this character.

The movie is definitely a nice one for those who will go with “not much” expectations. But for those who have their hopes “high”, this fare might disappoint them. There are some great scenes and dialogues that will be loved by the viewers. Some highlights of the movie include:

 - Josh Brolin as the young Agent K shows a brilliant stroke. Brolin captures Jones' spirit to such a towering scale that he creates the perfect old chemistry with Will Smith. It's a great change, and gladly, the old comedy team is back.

 - Director Barry Sonnenfeld is as tremendous as ever. His frenzied manner alters between action, comedy and pathos are speedy enough to induce whiplash.

 - The movie is high on action and it offers slick humor with rasping fun. MIB 3 is the wonder of chance that makes up the cohesive fabric of the past, present and the future

It is a must watch for the fans of Will Smith, Men In Black Series, alien flicks and for those who want to discover the talent of Brolin.
Rating: 7.5/10

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