Sunday, May 20, 2012

And they think I am Crazy!

Just because a person wants to do what he feels, people (mostly) consider him (or her) weird. Why does one has to live according to others? And then it is said that people have freedom of living. Well, the reality is we are living in a society, irrespective of class segmentation, where we can still not “DO” what we want to. We are dependent upon our parents, spouses, kids, friends and professional colleagues and so on. 

The problem lies in other peoples’ mind not in one’s own. If a person wants to wear orange shirt irrespective of his age or hierarchical level he is considered as cheap. We do not associate people with their brains and capabilities but their dresses and visual smartness. On the contrary when we talk about using fonts for chatting, most of us go for vibrant colors and funky styles. Similarly all the marketing campaigns are carried out in unusual ways just to let that campaign differentiate from others.
Similarly if a person wants to look different from the “lot” then why does he have to face a lot of criticism and opposition from others? He usually becomes the center of the jest and tease from others. This does not tell how crazy he is but this depicts how crazy people are in either letting others feel shame or not letting anyone stand out. If a person is comfortable in his or her ways, why do others have to point it out as an alienating thing?

Similarly if a person loves to stay casual about things why do people have to force him to become serious psycho? Everyone has the right to live his life as per his own way and comfort then why do we try to influence others. There are numerous ways with which people influence other individuals. I personally believe that most of the individuals who are either insecure or frustrated within tend to advise others for being “so different” from the bunch. As they don’t have the balls to embrace that daring move hence they want to stop others too.

To me, it is a crazy thing to do. I mean we don’t stop people or friends from doing injustice to others. We also don’t stop any corruption, for which we have the power to stop. We even don’t stop our good friends (whom we respect) to date numerous girls and boys and fool them but we enjoy to stop them to live their lives in a way that they feel comfortable in.

Strange but true!


  1. I really don't get it, why do people have to criticize everyone. Y can't they just let everyone have their own lifestyle and their own choice. It is insane.

    1. It is because they are afraid of others and dont want to see others happy.