Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THE DICTATOR – Movie Review

Those who are familiar with ALI G, Borat and Bruno, must definitely be waiting for the new and much awaited movie of Sacha Baron Cohen named “The Dictator”. There is not second thought that the actor is amongst the finest comedians and can take up any script and add “life” to it by using his tremendous efforts. This particular movie “The Dictator” receives a mix reaction from the audiences. Let us discover more about this laugh riot.
“The Dictator” revolves around a plot that is based on the bestselling novel “Zabibah – The Kingdom”, penned by Saddam Hussein. The movie tells the tale of a ruler (Dictator) who lived a jeopardized life trying to make certain that democracy would never enter his land. Sacha Baron Cohen portrays the role of Admiral General Aladin along with the much talented and amazing actor Ben Kingsley as Taamir. 

As far as the performance of both the actors are concerned, they both do justice to their roles – without a doubt. But one can not go overboard when the script is weak. Same happened with “The dictator”. The well known writers Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer could simply not let the audience gag. On the contrary Larry Charles (director) tries really hard to do justice and he definitely saves himself on that ground.

Cohen is an amazing performer and his conviction is seen on the screen, he is one committed actor but the role that is played by him in this particular movie lacks conceiving power. He manages to provide some great laughs especially when he discusses about “Osama Bin Laden” and his death. Ana Faris is competent and adds what she is capable of.

This is amongst first of those American movies that makes audience laugh at 9/11. This is definitely a bold step in itself. On the whole “The Dictator” is receiving multiple reactions, for those who have high hopes with the movie will be definitely disappointed and for those who will take it as a normal or usual fare will in one way or the other might like the movie. The movie offers few nice jokes, not good enough, and the rest of the jokes range from filthy to terrible and obtuse. 

Advise: Before going for this movie, throw away the expectations that were born after watching “Borat” or even “Ali G”. Life will be good, if the expectations will be lesser.

Rating: 5.5/10

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