Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stop blaming it on Government – Get on your own feet

These days everyone is literally barking against this government. And when I mention “Barking” it literally means “BARKING”. If you want to check this up, just roll the topic in any class, buss, market, party or TV program. You will understand what I actually mean.

Why is it always government that is held responsible for all the vexation?  After all we, Pakistanis, always unite whenever there is disaster faced by any city – PAF museum in Karachi is usually stuffed with campaigns and all such welfare based programs. Then why can’t we stand in our own territory? We can manage and raise funds for affected cities and get them every blessing of the world but we can not help our own conditions. Electricity, water supply, petrol and gas are main issues of a common man as well as for individuals who belong to elite classes. This is the reason why everyone is keeping his eyes on other’s wallet irrespective of how well or exceptional is he earning. For some it is because of nature (agreed) but for rest it is because of the conditions that are letting them follow this practice.

Anyways, getting back to the original topic, there are many individuals who can benefit their own cities provided they take interest in doing so. If people can demolish or set on fire KESC’s office, they can also communicate, effectively, in the form of a group of either educated or sensible individuals.  After all we belong to a nation where solving other’s problem, or better say participating in others’ problem, is our national interest, then why can’t we solve ours?

Nowadays youth is hugely involved in uploading comical or amusing videos of actresses like Veena, Reema or Meera over Youtube. Why can’t they pin point a serious topic with motivational or self awareness theme? Is Pakistan’s youth only interested in non-serious things? (open question for all). Why don’t we have more individuals like Ali Moeen Nawazish who can at least try to make the difference by doing few things, no matter how big or small – effort must be made or initiated.

These sting operations have been carried out on celebrities mostly, because they let everyone earn either TRPs or bundles of cash, why don’t we promote sting operations that are carried out over governmental personnel? And make it a national issue by bringing it on all mediums of entertainment and infotainment.

Pakistan severely needs a parallel (Private) government that is meant to work rather than only oppose government’s action, good or bad. Else, there won’t be any improvement. Name any government in last 4 decades that worked for the welfare of the nation or country. The funny thing is that we know all the flaws even then we are so adamant that we don’t change. It is time to take things in ones’ own hands rather than depending upon government.

The concept of a “better Pakistan” or a “Developed Pakistan” is close to an “ideal gas” about which we can talk, write and think but unfortunately we can never have it!

Actions are second step of hope; multiple dreams are extension of sleep. We are still dreaming. Don’t know when we will wake up.

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