Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“Women” – Sexy – Part 1

(Sufficiently Enchanting, Xtraordinarily Yappy)

Everyone knows that women are the most unpredictable creatures. They can treat you the way they want to. If they know how to treat you like a king they also know how to treat you like rags. So, those individuals who think that they know the psychology of women are completely insane. The interesting thing is that even women don’t know themselves. Some think that they are unpredictable; some believe that they have multiple personalities but the bottom line is that they are confused. How? Well, most of the women know that they want to marry a guy who is good looking, handsome, charming, and loyal and XYZ but when they meet the particular kind of guy they suddenly start thinking of several other qualities that they want in their guy. They would then want value added traits in the guy.
Most of the men think that women have ideals and they want to live in an imaginative world. Well true, they definitely live in an imaginary world that’s why they always don’t believe (in fact they even don’t listen to it) if any one points out their mistakes. To them they can never commit a mistake; it is always a misunderstanding or confusion for them. They act as if they are so naïve, so sweet and so harmless.

According to a woman her ideal man (or going to be husband) should lend a hand if he sees that his wife needs his help, well the reality is, before any man can lend his hand or think about it, his woman clutches his neck with her hands tightly, forgetting that this can offer him a permanent ticket to heaven-land. At that particular moment she thinks (mostly) about herself getting out of the trouble! And what happens to her husband can be explained as his hard/bad luck.

On the other hand there are also women who think that He (hubby dear) should say some words of comfort if he feels that she is complaining of tiredness, weariness or boredom – and if he says anything to comfort her, he gets to listen things like “Can’t you see am tense?”, “Oh please be serious when will you take life seriously?”, “Is it a matter of fun for you?” and “You will never understand me”. What must a guy do in such a situation?

There are also women who think that their Mr. Right should make them feel that they are living with strong, generous, tolerant husbands who will protect them and care for them, one who cares about her and will meet all her legitimate needs whether he is capable or not. After sometime, the trait of “strong man” turns into “insensitivity” , “generosity” turns into “he is a sissy”, “tolerance” turns into the factor that is equivalent to boredom and protectiveness turns into “spying and non-trustworthiness” in the eyes of the women.

The whole scenario turns into a funny situation and a man when tries to do something different to bring spice in his and his wife’s life then ultimate thing happens where she starts to suspect that he is cheating on her!

Women! Are not creatures, but science! Love them, care for them, guide them and support them, but never let them invade your privacy and thoughts! After all if they need space, so do men!


  1. I have really enjoyed all your articles. Amazing insight into human nature. Just on the mark

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