Monday, May 21, 2012

Pakistani Government got Twatted (Literally)

It is ironic how naïve the government of Pakistan is when it comes to certain matters; at one end it already “Banned” the twitter that, according to it created some unlawful and unethical problems for the “beloved nation of the government”. Well that’s something strange, at least for me. And on the other hand there are still ways with which one can easily access “twitter” provided he or she has other internet connections (like Wi-Tribe or Wateen etc) than “PTCL’s DSL”. 
To me, this is nothing new as Pakistani government has already banned the access of porn sites including (well I won’t name those here) countless, but all those sites are even accessed and videos are streamed if one has any of the other connections. What is it? What kind of stupid authority is that? Or should I call it biased or an exaggerated voice would even call it “corrupt”. Well I don’t know how those connections still provide the services that are banned in Islamic Republic of Pakistan? 

Anyways, what really caught my attention was the fact that, as per our (Pakistani’s) local news channels the story was cracked as “Government has imposed a ban on twitter because every year twitter and other social websites held a competition to degrade Pakistan’s culture and religion through pictures, cartoon and other stuff – and many messages have been sent to the authorities to stop these activities to abash Pakistan”. 

Whereas according to BBC (UK), the report is totally different, they have no idea why Pakistani Interior Minister banned twitter, though they also did not receive any updates or notifications from Pakistani Interior Minister of any kind. Now the question is, why does Pakistani Government get different tools and techniques to get noticed worldwide on such baseless topics and news? Don’t they have some better things to do? Don’t they have poverty, illiteracy and inflation to fight with? Why is it always controversy that we (Pakistanis) are interested in, be it Veena Malik, Cricket Board or Facebook?

When will this stereotype (blindfolded) thinking phenomenon be stopped? These days if a professional wants to make an impression outside Pakistan he has to have recognition of his work and that can only be possible through social websites; the profession can encompass media, business, doctor, arts or any other form. But it has always been a practice among Pakistanis to try to eliminate the root of success and positivity. Whether they were the days of Liaquat Ali Khan when he wanted Muslims to learn “English Language” or be it today when every possible way is eradicated to make a dent in the world with excellence.

It is about time that we realize the importance of an educated and practical government that has personnel that can look, act and think like mature and educated minds, unlike extremists or issue finders.

Last but not the least; I just updated my status at twitter “Pakistani Government got Twatted (literally)”. 

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